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Nama Latin Kurma Ajwa

Ajwa Dates Manufacturer InMadinah Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Saudi Arabia

We Wholesale Ajwa Dates Crown Ajwa Al Madina Dates Ajwa Khajoor 250 Grams, please call/email for specifics. Improves Digestive Overall health, Relieves Constipation - fibre located in Ajwa dates aid to clean out the gastrointestinal system, permitting the colon to work at greater levels of efficiency. Ajwa dates, especially, reduces risks of bowel inflammation (colitis), colon cancer, and haemorrhoids.

Although there are numerous other types of dates obtainable in Saudi Arabia but people have a preference to obtain Ajwa Dates. These are best for sufferers of sugar, heart ailments, mental illness and eye diseases. It is clear via scientific analysis that dates have capability to reduce the possibilities of heart attack. Additionally, it protects from digestive issues, intestinal toxic, headache and frustration. It is ideal diet regime for pregnant females as properly.

It will come as no surprise that with its contents of nutritious Kurma Ajwa substances, vitamins and minerals, Ajwa dates have benefits that are more than skin deep for one's overall effectively getting. A current overview report 7, has summarised some of these scientifically confirmed advantages of the Ajwa date.

A: The advantage of eating ajwa dates explained in the Hadith refers to the 1 who consumes seven ajwa dates early in the morning on an empty stomach. Aaliyah is a location on the outskirts of Madinah Munawwarah exactly where these dates utilised to develop. Other Ahaadith reported in reference to the advantage of ajwa are general and they have not confined the benefit of the ajwa to the dates of Aaliyah. Rather those Ahaadith clarify that the the a single who consumes the ajwa dates of Madinah Munawwarah will receive the advantage. Therefore, we understand that the advantage explained in the Ahaadith will be obtained for the a single who eats the Ajwa dates from any spot in Madinah Munawwarah.

Adhere to the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH, and consume every day AJWA Dates from Madinah! The Prophets' PBUH favored dates, Ajwa (fruit dates) is a soft dry variety of date fruit from Madina Monawara. A delightfully soft and fruity date with fine texture.

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